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A Universal Language.....God's idea

This ministry is an extension of Brass on Ivory Music. It may or may not appeal or even appear to be relevant to many in the music field.....that's acceptable. Everyone has a choice as to the path they walk on in life. Breath of Life Music Ministry is exactly what we as musicians need to see music doing....Music becoming the very breath of God. The very foundation that music rests upon is God. The very first event that happened in this universe was a sound....God's voice creating all things. It should not be surprising that music is the universal language since all of music is vibrational energy.

Music is a very powerful force. Music can be used as a creative force or a destructive is our choice. Our Creator, Father God has placed this gift in our hands to use for our benefit as a positive tool for our enjoyment and benefit and primarily as a way to connect to Him. This site will explore those ways and will also attempt to explore the negative path that mankind has walked in the area of music and the arts. We have strayed from the ways and intentions that God has intended for music and have reaped in a negative sense the benefits of the gift of music over the centuries.

Music can create either positive or negative images in us and when used with words can have an even more powerful effect, either positive or very destructive.

This site will address the art of music in light of what God has laid out in His Word, the Bible.

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